Refund Policy

  • If you want to leave our services from our company servermarket you will require to follow some procedures. We will refund you the server fees only when you follow the right procedures and apply for refund within given period of time.
  • In case you apply for refund after the given period we will not be liable to refund you. In addition the refund amount will be given according to the terms and conditions of the company.
  • For making a refund request you need to mail us detailing about your services and reason of leaving.
  • The clients who are already associated with us from past years will not be liable for refund. This policy is for the clients who are new with us and have never purchased anything from servermarket.
  • If you are buying services from us for the second or the third time then you will not be entitled for refund. Another factor of not getting the benefit of refund policy is when you already exhausted your bandwidth in the first month. We also hold right to deny the refund money.