Welcome to Servermarket Service Level Agreement

The SLA applies to only clients who have purchased some services from Servermarket and their account is current.

For us a Service Level is a goal. Servermarket believes in providing reliable server services to all our clients and help them to find the best server solution for their business. We provide cost effective servers all over the world and help our client if they face any issue that relates to our services. However, we only guarantee resolution for issues in which we have expertise.

This consists of Hardware. Network and Power, and Operating System Issues (Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and Debian), Software (PHP, Apache, Web Server, Panel – WHM, Plesk, VMware, SQL, MySQL). Servermarket also helps in Server Migration, Server Audits, Load Balancing.

We do not provide support for customized software’s unless a custom service contact has been made with Servermarket.

Exceptions for Resources Availability and Support:

  • Servermarket keeps technical resources all time available for our clients. Its client duty to resolve basic issues that may contain, adding websites, emails, server reboot, DNS etc. We have the right to provide how much support we provide to the customer.
  • We do not support abuses. Hence, we give low priority to the clients who have abusive behaviour.

Servermarket aims to achieve 100% Network and Power Availability for all clients.

Exceptions in case of violation of SLA:

Client will not receive any credit under this Service Level Agreement in the following cases :

  • Instances which are beyond Company's control which including, without limitation, Govt. body acts, war, flood, strike, delay of telecommunications, DdoS attacks, hacks, virus infections, third party software failure (including, without limitation, ecommerce softwares, payment gateways, chat softwares, statistics or any other free or paid scripts) or supplies that are used in or equipment required for provision of this Service Level Agreement.
  • Scheduled and emergency maintenance and upgrades:
  • DNS related issues outside the control.
  • False Service Level Agreement Reports
  • Client's act of commissions including without limitation, custom scripting or coding for e.g., CGI, Perl, HTML, ASP, etc, any negligence, willful misconduct, or use of Services in breach of Terms and Services and Acceptable Use Policy
  • E-mail – webdelivery and transmission
  • DNS Propagation
  • Internet Outage on the internet not allowing access to your ( Client's ) account
  • Server Hardware Failures

Request for Credit (AS PER COMPANIES POLICY) for a breach of this service level agreement, client's must request by submitting a support ticket at http://billing.servermarket.in or email us at billing@servermarket.in

Credits are non-refundable and can’t be encashed. A client needs to submit the request by mentioning the Domain Name, Registered Emil id with an authorised person. The request take up to 30 days of business days after confirmation by finance and support department will be processed with next billing cycle.

The credit amount cannot exceed with the amount paid by the clients for the services.