What is the distinction between managed and unmanaged dedicated servers?

Before buying a web hosting service you might faced a confusion between managed and unmanaged services. Don’t worry you are not a single person who thinks of this dilemma. In this blog we are going to know about what are managed and unmanaged services, what are their major differences and this blog is also going to be a guide how you can opt for the right type of web hosting solution for your business.

Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server

What Is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is a powerful server that is wholly dedicated to a single tenant. This means who need not to share any resources like server RAM, core, storage, CPU with any other users. These types of servers are high performing and are suitable for the websites or web applications that are generating high traffic. Dedicated Servers provides high scalability, customization and security.

What is Unmanaged Dedicated Server?

Unmanaged Dedicated Server are generally that type of server which are considered as low-cost option for the companies who are working on a huge scale. This is because these types of companies already have good amount of skilled human resource that are well versed with the latest technology and are capable to resolve all type of technical issues on their own. Opting these type of server leads to all over server management process on the shoulders of separate IT Department located within the company.

The IT department is whole and sole responsible authority for the server management right from the backups till that the security of the server. Not only this the team is also responsible of what hardware and software’s should be present on the server and choice of OS is also one of the major concerns that department has to follow. The Service Level Agreement or SLA is also limited in an unmanaged dedicated server depending on what is offered by Web Hosting Company for an Unmanaged Dedicated Server.

What is a Managed Dedicated Server?

Managed Dedicated Server are just opposite of Unmanaged Dedicated Servers. These types of servers are helpful for the companies that requires less burden of server management or do not own a separate IT department for Server Management. All the server related tasks are performed with the web hosting company. You can assume hiring an engineer for your server monitoring, security and other server related tasks.  And due to these additional services Managed Dedicated Servers are quite expensive than an unmanaged dedicated server.

Before buying a Managed Dedicated Server, one must thoroughly check the background of Web Hosting company and its service delivery. Many companies offer tight security solutions with the managed dedicated server with full time server monitoring and backups. Research well before making a final decision.

All these additional services make managed services one of the most buying services. These can be adjusted as per the demands of the client as self-managed, partially managed and fully managed services.

Managed Dedicated Servers includes installation and maintenance of Operating System and Server, Installation of applications and full-time monitoring.

After knowing the meaning of Managed and unmanaged Dedicated Server lets mov onto the major differences between the two.

Managed V/s Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Managed Dedicated Servers comes with support services and companies do not require to have a separate technical staff for server management and server monitoring. You can rely upon Managed Server if you do not own technical knowledge or even you think to outsource your server management. In place of you or your IT Team your web hosting provider cares about your server.

They are responsible for performing server reboots, backups and security prevention. This helps a businessman and their team to focus more on the core business activities. On the other hand, Unmanaged servers are less expensive as these server does not include server management activities by web hosting provider. Hence, increasing the work load to the customers itself. This sometimes becomes expensive as server management is only possible by trained experts that demands high salary. Moreover, the major advantage of owning an unmanaged dedicated server is the user get ample amount of freedom to excel his server and gets full control for handling whole server according to them.

Managed v/s Unmanaged server

In case of additional technical support. The web hosting company can charge extra. Also, they are not responsible for malfunctions on the server.  Hence, opting for the managed or unmanaged dedicated server wholly depends on your business requirements. Most of the users prefer managed dedicated services to avoid burden of responsibility. Unmanaged Dedicated Servers are preferred by the users who have in depth technical knowledge of server. One should only buy Server after analyzing your business requirements and also no compromise should be made when it comes to the quality of services. A web hosting company should be reliable and trustworthy

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