5 Reasons Why You Should Go for Fully Managed Dedicated Server

If you are running a business and you are looking for a one-stop hosting solution for your  company’s website, then a dedicated server would be a great choice for you. It sound like “A server completely made for your website to complete all its specific requirements.

They are known as one of the best performing hosting options. A dedicated server offers the entire resources available with a server. This means a dedicated IP address, plenty of bandwidth and disk space. However there is top-notch security you will get with a dedicated server.

But the main issue is that not every businesses can maintain and manage a dedicated server by themselves as it requires high level of technical knowledge & experience. So, the term enters “A Fully managed dedicated server” as the name suggests completely managed. 

In this article, we will discuss what is fully managed dedicated hosting and top 5 benefits of a managed dedicated hosting.

What is managed dedicated hosting?

With fully managed dedicated hosting, you can use a dedicated hosting server to host your business website, but your web hosting provider handles all server maintenance and management.

Therefore, all backend technical tasks, such as server updates, routine backups, security, uptime, and performance monitoring comes under your web hosting company’s responsibility.

For companies that need to host websites on dedicated servers and guarantee their seamless operation but don’t want to dig into the complications of server setup, monitoring, and general management, managed dedicated hosting is the ideal option.   

Let’s see how this hosting solution benefits businesses.

Benefits of managed dedicated hosting

Here are the benefits that make a managed hosting an ideal solution for business owners. Let’s dig in:

Reliability & Performance :  The resources on a dedicated server are only available to you; you are not required to share them with other users. Also, your website’s performance won’t be hampered by visitors from other websites, making it a superior website or app. You can learn more about your business as your website performs better.
The main point is that you receive several extra benefits when you pay an additional fee for server management. Additionally, administrators perform regular site performance checks to guarantee optimal functionality of your website. With Managed dedicated server , You will reduce the issue of downtime.
24/7 Technical Expertise : One of the main benefits of managed dedicated hosting is that you have complete access to technical expertise.
With managed dedicated hosting, your server is maintained and managed by a group of Experienced Support Team who are also on hand to help with any technical problems or challenges you may run into when hosting your website.
Otherwise, In the absence of a managed plan, you will be responsible for managing the technical issues on your own and cannot rely on your web hosting provider for the same. 
Flexibility: You’ll require a hosting service that can expand with your company as your internet presence does. Scalability and flexibility are key features of fully managed dedicated hosting, which helps you meet the demands of growing traffic and resources.
If you require additional memory, a managed dedicated server provider frequently offers more bandwidth and space in accordance with your needs.
Because Managed dedicated servers provide total flexibility, this is achievable. 
Also, managed dedicated servers can be used for any application processing in accordance with your company’s objectives. 
Saves Money:  Managed dedicated servers are less expensive than other physical servers that require a lot of maintenance. Also, it is considerably more better and effective, because the team of experts completely involved in setting up your server.
Also,Your important time can be saved by using a managed dedicated server, which makes server maintenance and management easier. Profits can be increased by using this time to concentrate on other business-related issues. 
Security: One of the most important factor for online business is security or protect your website against cyber attacks. With Managed dedicated server, you do not need to worry about security. Your web hosting provider completely take care of your data from handling server upgrades to security related updates.
Also, A Managed dedicated server don’t allows any website from interacting with yours and that may install malicious software to harm your PC.


Fully managed dedicated hosting offers a lot of benefits, including unparalleled reliability performance, enhanced security, 24/7 technical expertise,Flexibility, and saves money. And your business don’t have worry about downtime.

In the end, A Fully managed dedicated server can help you with long term benefits of security and scalability that’s why it is the ideal solution for business owners.

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