The Value of Data Backups on Dedicated Servers and How to Do It.

Data Backups on Dedicated Servers : Data is considered one of the main crucial elements for a business. A piece of information can risk a business to an extreme level. Hence you should be aware of the data protection policy and be aware while clicking any unknown email attachments or links.  

One wrong click can turn your business upside down. It can cause a loss of reputation, customer, sales, and business trust. The major mistakes of getting a data breach are human mistakes, system failure or breakdown, cybercrimes, and more.  

Data Backup on a Dedicated Server

If something like this happened to you. You have to build your business from the initial level. To prevent this, you can own a backup for your data this helps you to revive really quickly. 

Today, we will know about the value of performing Data backups on a Dedicated Server and How to do it.

Why is Data Backup on a Dedicated Server important?  

Dedicated Servers are considered one of the most highly secure web hosting solutions. The power of a Dedicated Server provides a great level of adequate resources for a website or a web application. 

With this, a website remains available to its users whenever they request. It is highly important to get data backups for a dedicated server. In simple terms, data backs are something or a copy of your website information and siles that are stored in a datacentre or in your server. 

Data Backups provide you with better assistance to get all your data back within a while. This helps in major data loss due to uncertainties. Uncertainties’ may include unwanted machine shut down or malicious attacks. 

Hence, to prevent unwanted data loss you should perform regular backups for your server. Keeping regular backups get you back on track easily. 

One of the smart strategies for keeping data backups is keeping your data in a separate local device or on a different server at another location.  

Generally, giant businesses trust Dedicated Server to store Data Backups. 

Ways to Backup Website Data on a Dedicated Server 

There are mainly two types of Dedicated Server services one is Managed and another is unmanaged. The only difference between the two of them is the management of server-related activities. A managed dedicated server hosting comes with tension-free server management services. With managed Dedicated Server you can trust your web hosting provider for server monitoring, installations and server upgrades. However, having a data backup file on your local machine is important for your security else a web hosting provider can also keep your data backup with your permission many of them have different plans for data backups that you can coordinate according to your needs and requirements.  

In addition, you may find a managed dedicated hosting service a bit more expensive than an unmanaged hosting plan. You can also choose an unmanaged dedicated hosting service if you own a highly skilled technical team that knows server maintenance, monitoring, and problem resolution. 

Here are some of the common ways for backing up your website data on your Dedicated Server. 

1. Back Up with Cloud 

There are many Cloud solutions for data backup. A Cloud platform is also one of the secure ways to store your website data. It is also accessible anywhere anytime. 

This type of backup solution is most suitable for the small data-containing website. This type of backup solution is also relevant if you have good network connectivity.  

Hence, you can go with the services of Cloud Backup in case you have small data on your website. 

2. cPanel Backup

cPanel is also known as Control Panel for Dedicated Server. Web Hosting providers provide you built-in backup area for your website data. 

You can take backups for your website whenever you want and store them according to your choice. This type of backup practice is mostly preferred by everyone. This saves the cost of buying a separate backup solution. Hence, you can take backup for your server easily with the help of cPanel if you own a Dedicated Server. 

3. Acronis backup  

Acronis Backup is a paid backup solution that is high in terms of reliability, security, and regularity. It helps in scaling your website by owning a backup. 

It has the best GUI which means Graphical User Interface which is super easy to learn and use. You can set different settings for backups. You can even set a particular time for backup like weekly, monthly, or daily. 

It is a hassle-free solution that is fully automatic and very fewer efforts are made to get a backup for the website. It is quick and affordable and users are now getting aware of this solution. 

This solution is best for small to large enterprises. 


In Conclusion, owning a Dedicated Server comes with various responsibilities you can opt for managed services to get overburdened by these responsibilities. Taking time-to-time backups is essential to prevent data loss situations. Owning data backup helps your website recovers quickly. You can buy the backup solution at the best price from ServerMarket

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