How to Optimize Your Dedicated Hosting Server: A Step-by-Step Guide

Optimize Your Dedicated Hosting Server:– When it comes to Dedicated Server, it is considered one of the most powerful web hosting solutions. Most business trust a Dedicated Server to host their web applications and website. This is because the resources of a Dedicated Server are wholly made for a single website. This is the main reason why a Dedicated Server is a bit more expensive than a shared server. Unlike a shared server resources are not distributed to multiple websites.  

Dedicated Web Hosting

A dedicated server is wholly owned by a single user which makes a website all times available. Even a Dedicated Server is the best solution for heavy websites or websites that are getting high traffic. 

There are multiple ways by which you can make your web hosting solution, especially a dedicated server faster than ever. By optimizing your server, you can enhance your Speed and Security. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Optimize Your Dedicated Server

  1. Go with HTTP/2

HTTP/2 is an upgraded version of HTTP means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol that is responsible for the communication between a web browser and browser. HTTP/2 aims at lowering the latency which ultimately helps in loading your website faster. You need to just change your settings from HTTP/1 to HTTP/2 and you will notice a positive change in speed. Here you need to know that you can only optimize your server with HTTP/2 if you own an SSL certificate on your website. An SSL certificate brings creditability to your website and also adds security to it. 

2. The Principle of Order – Priority

There is always a way to perform something. Order refers to the way that should give importance according to the saying first things first. In general terms, it refers to the major tasks that are to be performed with priority.

Hence, making a list of what tasks are essential and are to be performed on priority and working on the same is highly important. 

Dedicated Servers are generally set on Normal Priority by default to get high performance you should turn on High Priority.  

By enabling high priority, you can alter and create a list for your website that provides the best performance. 

3. JavaScript – File Delivery

The process of request and response goes well when we talk about online things or the internet. The server shares all the related files and information with the browser which ultimately displays to the user. JavaScript is also one of the files that are sent to the browser. After that, the browser reads the JavaScript file. It takes the information to be displayed hence it takes time to load and your website ultimately gets slow. 

You can use root access with Dedicated Hosting to make a change. You can change a setting to the server to ensure the browser does not read JavaScript files first. 

It should be like a browser should load your website first and then read the JavaScript File in the background. Doing this process will ultimately make your website load faster. 

4. Hotlinking 

Hotlinking refers to a technique of copying someone’s image or making someone’s image your own. Copying a link from the origin and pasting it on your website as if it was yours is called Hotlinking. So, if there is any website that uses your images on their site there is a 100% chance that those images will be processed by your server. This can be also called bandwidth theft. In addition, these hotlinks can use a great number of server resources that may cause the unavailability of resources for your website. To prevent this situation, you should disable hotlinks. 


Dedicated Servers are popularly known for Performance and Security. Also, it is the widest choice among owners of the high-traffic website. As they are the single owner of server resources and no resources are shared by any other users. Hence, you get great freedom with your resources. You can even optimize your server to get the best performance and security. The above-mentioned steps are easy to perform and can provide you with ultimate results. 

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